Ways For Bloggers To Make Money Online

Blogs have become a very common mode of communication in today’s world. As a result of this, the number of bloggers has risen at a very high rate. Blogging has become a source of income; both as a supplement to income and to others it is a source of livelihood. The question is how do bloggers make money? There are a variety of ways through which bloggers utilize their blogs to earn money. They include the following:

Ways For Bloggers To Make Money Online

There are opportunities arising from blogging networks

Bloggers get exposed to job opportunities to write for other people. Expert bloggers can be employed by a company to write a blog for them at a fee. There are also some bloggers who run training programs to other bloggers at a fee. Bloggers are also being employed to write in other fields as long as they have the expertise needed.

Bloggers make money through advertising

Bloggers can add advertising features on their blogs. This has been made possible by newly added features which can be copy-pasted on the blogs for example the AdSense ad from Google and chitika. Bloggers also use some programs that can allow blog readers to place adverts on established blogs at a fee.

Bloggers are also earning money from affiliate programs

Affiliate programs such as linkshare and Amazon are used for making money.Writing blogs for these affiliates is a good source of money to bloggers.

Bloggers use their blogs to sell merchandise.

There are a lot of programs like Cafepress that allow one to sell his or her products through blogs. Sale of branded products through blogs will add ones income.

Bloggers also earn money from external sponsors.

Bloggers can get sponsored by companies and individuals to write blogs for them. The money they get from these sponsors is a good supplement to their daily incomes.

Some bloggers earn money through consultations.

Some bloggers expose their expertise on different fields to potential customers through blogs. After a blogger’s services are well known in the market, he or she can charge some fee for consultations from customers got from blogs. After a blogger has been well established on a given field, there are chances that he or she can get invites to appear in public to deliver speeches.

Final Words

Blogging has therefore turned out to be a great income support agent. Bloggers are able to communicate with their existing clients, post updates and as well make money through blogs which is very recommendable.


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