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TechCarePoint is Operated and Controlled By TechCarePoint Team. As every websites has its own privacy policies which are being accepted by user to use that site. That's why TechCarePoint have also some privay policies.

         Privacy Policy of Users:

The privacy policy of visitors and users of TechCarePoint is very important to us. We collect several kind of information of our visitors and users such as IP Address, Geographical Location, Operating System, Browser and much more. That information is not shared in any public but it is highly protected by which any common man can’t get any information. This information is used to serve the users of TechCarePoint better. It will let us know that in which area of world we’re famous mostly, in what kind of operating system TechCarePoint is being used mostly and much more. By this, we can improve TechCarePoint for several areas, operating system etc. We are committed to safeguard the privacy of our Website Visitors.TechCarePoint takes privacy issues very seriously.

         Message for Users:

The privacy policy is effective upon acceptance for news user & otherwise effective from 3rd December 2013. The privacy policy should be read in attentive and conjunction with the terms and conditions of this website. If You have any question in mind about our privacy policy, Please contact from this page
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We will be very glad to here from you if:

  • You have found some problems and mistakes in our contents.
  • You have found some broken links in our contents.
  • You have information about any contents which we need to add or don't have in our database.
  • You have a suggestion to improve TechCarePoint.
  • You have a request to add a feature.

         Use and Security of Personal Information:

  • We doesn't collect user personal identification information automatically. User's personal information ( e.g.; Name, Email Address & Message) is collected only when user submit through our contact us form on his/her own desire. We may reply to user via email in return their email. We, collect these information to improve user experience.
  • We don't sell or rent your personal information to the third partier for their marketing purpose. If You don't want to receive marketing communications from us, Please contact us through this page

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         User Age:

Here in TechCarePoint, we do not have any issue with the age of users of TechCarePoint  So, anyone can access and use TechCarePoint easily as we do not implement any pornographic content here. In case, if the user age is more than 13 years old then it’s better because below 13 years old users might face problem in understanding the content of TechCarePoint.

         Google and Other Advertisement:

In some areas of TechCarePoint  you may note some advertisement being shown here. They can be Google Publisher and some other reliable advertising network ads. These ads are being shown here by using cookies and we don’t have any access or control over to those ads. Ad networks like Google AdSense use cookies to display relevant ads to the users of TechCarePoint  in which they track location and language of user for displaying relevant ads.

         Before Contact Please Keep in Mind:

  • We do not sell email address.
  • We do not share another user's information.

         Copyright Information:

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